Get It Done While It's Only One -- Spay A Stray

The purpose of the program is to work with and encourage members of the community to help decrease the numbers of stray/free-roaming cats in the Salem area.  It does not take in or relocate stray or free-roaming cats but will help people who are feeding strays with spay/neuter assistance, information and advice about cats/kittens.  CAFA will also coordinate with local rescues/shelters for people willing to temporarily foster cats/kittens.

CAFA will not remove cats or kittens. We will help people trap/neuter/return (TNR) cats and kittens not eligible for adoption. In other words TNR is more the most effective way to work with feral or free roaming cats. For more information on TNR:

CAFA will work to facilitate temporary fostering and promote spay/neuter and TNR.

Don't forget that you can sponsor a spay for only $50.  Go to our donation page to sponsor a spay.